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What is most important- a revelation.

tea party

Connor is 5 months old…..well…almost 6 months!  Wow!  And today is Down syndrome Awareness Day.

I chose not to go to the events this year- maybe next year- we’ll see how it feels.

I have been reflecting a lot about today…about this day and what it represents.  I do feel awareness on what Down syndrome is….and what it is NOT- is very, sorely needed.  Before Connor, I myself was operating under a variety of stereotypes and beliefs about Down syndrome…so I imagine most people are as well.

Just this week I was talking to another mom….her child has Autism, and will be attending a special school next year.  I mentioned I had not heard of that school, and she had replied “Oh you will- it’s the school for special needs children”.

I was shocked.  I was pissed.  I was sad.

Not at HER, she was trying to be helpful.

But I was very upset at what is the assumption, by most people, that because he has the diagnosis of Down syndrome..that he will be intellectually impaired- at least….a laundry list of disabilities “at worst”.

I was upset because I know that will be the prevailing thought towards my son for most, if not all of his life.  After all, that was also MY thought when I have met someone with Down syndrome.

BUT BUT BUT I am TREATING his ‘Down syndrome’!  I am using Targeted Nutritional Intervention to manipulate the genes on the blasted extra chromosome!  I am doing Embryonic Plant Stem cell therapy- that will have MAJOR impacts on his chemistry!  We are doing chiropractic and Quantum Neurology  and cranial osteopathy along with the Neurodevelopmental program, to keep his nervous system ON POINT!  I have a whole LIST of future interventions to explore as well!  Tests to be run, things to be tested and tried…..

I am doing SO MUCH!  That should guarantee!!!!!!  Guarantee!!!! He will be ‘fine”… that he will have no intellectual impairment!


Well, for some- YES.  Absolutely.

But really, for Connor, that remains to be seen.

So I had to go deeper…what was really bothering me.  Why would a simple assumption that he might need special education set me off so much?  Hmmmm…..

What traits in a person determine their ‘worth”.  Intelligence?  Personality?  Appearance?  If they are ‘normal”?  If the contribute to society in ‘meaningful” ways?

What is REALLY important?

That he is ‘smart?”  (After all, I am smart!)

or that he is HAPPY.

Oh. Snap.

Because you can be smart, but that certainly doesn’t not mean you are also happy (as the angst in this blog post clearly demonstrates, lol)

So, there you go.  What I would ultimately want for Connor, for BOTH of my children….is that they are happy.

Smart can be over-rated.

Now of course, I am still going to really push his system, push against the limitations and the known and the unknown on how his DNA can be supported so he has the best expression of health possible….I am still going to do everything in my power to quench the oxidative stress caused by the genes, to slow or stop and reverse the neurodegeneration, I am not going to ALLOW Alzehimer’s plaques to be laid down in his precious brain….I am going to LIGHT UP his nervous system…give his body top notch nutrition etc. etc.

But I have to also step back, and remember, my primary job is to LOVE him.  Let him just be who he is.  Stop worrying so much.  Lighten up! Have a tea party!

He’ll get where he is supposed to go!  That is what faith is all about!

And to be at peace with however that turns out to be.  After all, that is MY ‘stuff”…not his.

I am so blessed that both of my children are my little Love Gurus.

Today is World Down Syndrome Awareness Day

I am woefully behind on my blog.

Connor 3-21-15

There are SO many things I want to write about- Embryonic Plant Stem Cell therapy, Quantum Neurology, Muscle Testing, Essential Oils……what happened during Connor’s open heart surgery…what happened after.

Well what happened after is I basically crashed and burned. But that’s another post!

Today is World Down syndrome Day. There are lots of events to go to…to celebrate- but I chose not to participate. Today, and every day, I celebrate Connor. I celebrate his life, his smile, his determination and courage. I celebrate how far he’s come, how much he’s learning, how much he’s teaching others….especially me. I celebrate Connor’s supporters, doctors, family and all our Facebook friends who have stood by me and with us on this journey. I celebrate the “Warrior Moms” (and Dads!) who never give up, are endlessly asking questions, who are finding answers, who constantly push the limits. I will never celebrate Connor’s extra chromosome, nor Down syndrome, but there won’t be a day that goes by that I don’t celebrate Connor and his amazing smile and all of the gifts he has given me that has transformed my soul. He is my miracle, my sunshine and I can’t wait to continue learning and growing with him. Happy World Down syndrome Day! Here’s to celebrating this little guy each and every day!