A mom and "wholistic" chiropractor's musings and roadmap with Down syndrome

Whatever It Takes

I remember this moment-

We learned Connor had TMD- a type of pre-leukemia only found in Down syndrome.

I remember throwing up a lot that night.

In between trips to the toilet, I was on the computer.

The first thing I googled was “essential oils for Down syndrome”… Don’t ask me why- that is what I was led to type.

It led me to a blog of an Australian chiropractor who also had a child with Down syndrome. I felt a little less alone.

But it was his blog that led me to the now gone Einstein Syndrome blog, where there was the Top 10 things you need to know about Down syndrome.

I was not ready to deal with #1 on the list- that would come later though, and prove to be exactly right.

As I read the rest of the list, I realized, many of the things on the list we would have done anyway, regardless if our child had Down syndrome or not….no vaccines, real food etc.

Then other things on the list I was right on board with and had already been starting to study.

I remember thinking “I have been being prepared my entire life to have this child WITH Down syndrome! I’ve got this!”

From that blog I learned about TNI- Targeted Nutritional Intervention. It took me very short time to get up to speed on Down syndrome biochemistry. The premise of what I call “hacking gene over-expression” made intuitive sense immediately, I knew it coudl be done.

With time, using energetic testing, labs, energy healing, and functional medicine principles all helped to prove what my intuition told me so early on. And now working with hundreds of kids and adults, I know it is true and it changes lives.

But I will always remember that moment, when in the depth of my darkness and despair, that voice inside me said “whatever it takes”.

And I am so so grateful. For all of it. 



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